Friday, December 19, 2014

Late December Winter Weather Blues!

It's now late December and the morning thermometer reads 38 degrees. My mind makes the calculation, that were the mercury just 6 degrees lower, then the world outside would be at the freezing point of water. Something that is supposed to occur when a cold front comes slamming through the area. I consider this dull fact as I move my aging body out to the kitchen to find something to eat. I flip a light switch and light bathes the room. At 6AM, when I arose, it was still very dark outside. Nothing out of the ordinary there. As it was December the 28th, I knew that even though the days were now getting longer, it was still dark until well after 7AM.

Standing with a box of cheerios in one hand, I part the window blinds with the other and look out towards the east through my kitchen window. Sunrise today will be at 7:23 AM sharp. Still, an hour and 23 minutes away and only darkness can be seen in any direction. Inwardly, I sigh and busy myself with making a bowl of cereal under a single artificial light hanging high over my head. It's one of those old style light bulbs that has a tungsten filament – I imagine I can hear a tortured sound as it glows white hot while somehow managing to give off a sullen light that casts shadows all around me. Bowl in hand, I head over to the kitchen table to begin my day. Yeah, December is pretty much a bitch!

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