Saturday, December 6, 2014

Your controlling government at work! Operation Choke Point!

If you are not aware of what your government is doing while you sleep, then you are most likely doomed. Check out Operation Choke Point! An operation under the control of the Department of Justice that is in the process of deciding who can or cannot do business in the US. Seriously. TomKat Ammunition cannot even get a POS charge ability because of these bureaucratic idiots, (you have to buy via Paypal). They are working to shut down these businesses through the banks! See the list at Wikipedia!

This is your very evil and out of control government at work - making your lives and how you live to be what they feel it should be! Forget any idea of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness crap... And, the really strange thing..the vast majority of American citizens are walking quietly into the Auschwitz showers of these modern times...

Please, copy and share this short blog - I don't care for any recognition, I care only for my country~!

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