Friday, August 12, 2011

It’s Easy Skillet! A meal that can really pack on those pounds!

It’s fast and easy. It’s ‘noodlelicious’ and your children will just love it to death (literately). Yes, Easy Skillet® is certainly all of that and more! It’s also a fast ticket to raging obesity and coronary problems, later on, if you’re not careful about the proportions you serve.

I came across this box, which was hiding in the back of a cupboard, one afternoon while looking for something to eat. The picture absolutely captivated me as I’m sure it is supposed to. So, following the directions, I made up a batch in just twenty minutes or so.

In order to prepare this meal, you first need to brown a pound of hamburger up making sure to draw off that evil grease. Then, it simply a matter of adding some water, bring to a brief boil and fifteen minutes later it’s ready to serve. But wait, being the cautious parent you are, you want to make sure that the recommended portion you serve your hungry spouse and kids are first noted and then adhered to. Let’s see now, a serving is 1/3 a cup! What the hell is this!

 Here’s a picture (above) of that amount next to a fork for comparison. Not much there, eh mate. What, maybe one or two mouthfuls? (Perhaps a sprig of parsley would help)?

Ya think your hubbie and hungry kids are going to settle for that paltry amount? Well, they had better, because that little blob, sitting there on the plate, comes in at over 300 calories! Seriously! It’s also contains half a day’s worth of salt and almost a quarter of the recommended daily amount of cholesterol. This is no meal, it’s an aortic attack disguised as food!

“OK then smart-ass, what would the ‘damage’ be for a man-sized serving”? I had hoped you'd ask that question...

Here’s what a regular serving would look like to me (a man of no small girth). (Actually, it’s pretty similar to the picture on the front of the box). Right-O then? At 206 grams, it’s loaded with 1,430 calories with 4,290 milligrams of sodium and 273 mg of cholesterol. Whoa Nellie! That’s almost whole days worth of nutrition right there if you’re on a diet. Here’s an idea, skip breakfast, eat this for lunch and you only have another thousand hours or so before the next meal time. Not!

The moral of this story is that if you do serve this kind of dish; please make sure you keep the portions extra small while making the side order of salad or veggies large. Very large. Here’s a nice looking salad, that even with the ham and an oil and vinegar dressing came in at only 124 calories! Hell, with those kinds of numbers, you can men go ahead and knock down a couple of brewski’s. Your kids might still complain, but hopefully they’ll do it from thin, healthy little bodies. And, as for your husband sitting there with that dopey smile on his face. Oh, what the heck! He’s pretty fat already….

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and in no way are intended to be used as a reason to use, or not to use, the products described here. Research has revealed that even though there appears to be a connection between overeating and early death, there is no way to prove it as all those subjects have passed away.

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