Monday, August 8, 2011

Political parties are butt boils!

When asked if I can tell the difference between an infected boil on someone’s butt, or the Democratic Party, I will answer no. (Of course, I would also answer in the same manner if I were making the same comparison with the Republican Party). In my opinion, they both need to be lanced and drained from the general body politic. The problem is how to do it and still stay within the bounds of the Constitution.
Like any butt boil, removal is going to be very painful for everyone concerned. The typical procedure  would be to lance, drain, cauterize and then bandage the little boo-boo. But, that's the problem with both our political parties. They are very resistive to the process, since removal is forceful even if it is cleansing in the long term.
So, perhaps a mandate is now becoming clear. If every Tea Party advocate and Independent on election day 2016 will please be so kind as to vote for a Republican, that may help begin to flush the maximum possible number of entrenched Democrats from office. Then, the next go around, we can go after any sitting (read as infested) Republicans and get them the hell out of Washington also. That's one game plan, at any rate....
If we are very persistent, then perhaps this is one 'sore' sitting on our collective hinnie that will eventually go away, to be replaced by good healthy tissue in the form of a much smaller 'butt' healthier Republic. The clock is ticking America.... Perhaps it's time we convened a meeting of these United 'States' to debate the size and scope of the government powers and overreach. After all, our Founding Fathers built that course of action into our Constitution for a damn good reason....

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