Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The partisan pandering of the left!

Here is a piece written by someone named Paul Begala called ‘Rule or Ruin Republicans’. An interesting piece of work. I’m just going to go over the first two paragraphs in this blog. You can read the entire text here. My note markers appear as numbers in red with additional comments written below.

“Progressives almost never get the labeling right. (To be fair, conservatives almost never get the policy right, which is worse. (1)) What did we label an innovative tax credit to encourage work and reward those who leave welfare? The Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC (2). Wow, that's gripping. Not.

But it appears that this time we got the branding right. Within hours of the announcement that Standard & Poor's had downgraded U.S. Treasury debt, progressives were all calling it the Tea Party Downgrade (3). I think it will stick because, as Henry Kissinger said in another context, it has the added virtue of being true.”
(1)   Right off, this guy has lost me. He’s speaking in generalities with nothing stated that backs up his views on either labeling or policy.

(2)   The EITC is only offered to ‘working’ men and women – it has no effect on those who are unemployed or on welfare. Most of the unemployed or welfare recipients want to work and a job market with many openings vastly outweighs a meager tax incentive. Duh!

(3)   Another blanket statement that is simply not true. Few sentences with the word ‘all’ in it will be correct. (Stating that 'all Democrats are assholes', would not be a completely factual statement). Also, he uses the phrase Tea Party Downgrade. The downgrade was a result of the experts at S&P feeling that the US is now in debt way over its head. A situation that developed over time and which had the full support of both major parties over many decades.  The idea that it was due to a Johnny-come-lately group called the Tea Party is shear claptrap, and yet another instance of the clueless Far Left whose best kept slogan is, ‘if you can’t dazzle them with bullshit, then maybe you need to apply a little more’!

Sorry fella, I don’t fall for it or you.

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