Sunday, September 25, 2011

The case of the missing Bishop!

Somewhere in the seedy little town called Forsyth, there is someone who is happy and who shouts for joy. At least I have heard such a story. The rest of us who call this hell a home, have no joy and cower in our aging and nondescript hovels, waiting for who knows what? Forsyth, you see is another Whoville. And yes my children, there is a Grinch lurking about.

His name is ‘Bill the Bishop’. A great hulk of a man who scurries hither and thither doing God knows what kind of dark and evil deeds. If you look for Bill in the daytime, you will not find him. His movements are nocturnal, you see. A dark, mysterious man who moves quickly from one murky alley to the next, and if he is glimpsed, it’s only from the sides of your eye. Like smoke curling up from a dying fire, the experience brings on sadness and sometimes even a tiny spark of fear. Yes, ‘Bill the Bishop’ is someone that you might seek, but will very likely regret finding.

But, that was then and now is now! It seems the BTB has gone away, and who can say, it won’t stay that way. I’ve even tracked down his one true friend; another ‘man’ of questionable values and upbringing by the name of Denny the Heretic. Seems that Denny has not seen old Bill either and is just as perplexed as me.

So, if you run across him, please let me know. My name is Danny, Danny the Moe.

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