Friday, September 2, 2011

Banquet’s Pepperoni Stuffed Breadsticks

Did I already forget to mention that there is also some marinara dipping sauce in this box? Hard to believe you get two bread-sticks and dipping sauce for only a buck! Gee, two whole five inch bread-sticks! OK, they tasted great and the sauce really does compliment the sticks. Having said that, this paltry morsel is like offering an alcoholic a single shot of booze. Not enough to satisfy! No, not enough by a mile!

At just 250 calories per serving and only a buck a meal, I suppose I could buy two and that would be a pretty good way to spend an evening snacking in front of the TV. But, gosh almighty ye God's of the frozen entree! Banquet, you have got to have a little feeling for us older (and larger) guys! We get tantalized by stuff like this! Will the torture never end?I'd score this deal a 6. Would have been higher if they'd snuck another breadstick in.

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