Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cherry Berry Banquet Pot Pie Style!

Hey! Cherry Berry
I’m so merry,
cause I got myself some pie!

It’s a mix
of two different picks,
of berries and cherries, oh my!

Gonna have some tonight!
Won’t put up a fight!
Cause it’s a Cherry & Berry pie.

Good to the taste,
Nothing left to waste!
That’s my Cherry & Berry pie!

OK, so I won’t give up my daytime job. Oh, wait! I don’t have a job! Oh well. Life is hell.
Yet, I hope you can see how impossible it is to resist writing a review and a poem on something named Cherry Berry pie? I mean this is not only just a cherry pie masquerading as a pot pie, but it’s a Cherry-Berry pie at that! (God, I just love the decadent twenty-elevens, don’t you)? My only question is why the hell didn’t Swanson and those other pot pie makers out there think of this a long time ago? I mean get a clue people!
So as you can see, this food review will more than likely stray off the normal charted course I have set for the TV Dinner gender. But, for God’s sake, it is Cherry Pie we're talking about after all!

When I took this mini pie out of its package, I profess to have been a little disappointed. It did, after all, look just like a regular pot pie! But then, my friends the game soon got changed!

After nuking it for four minutes in the microwave, the smell of freshly cooked cherry pie filled the kitchen. And, as I dug in, I felt like a holy man who had found the Promised Land. Yes, it was that good! So good, in fact that I am giving this my first ever 10 ranking! Even if the calories are up there at 400 or so, this is a good deal at a buck and change. Try it! You'll like it!

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