Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random thoughts of a challenged mind!

Iran and Weiner’s District somehow go well together!

Just as it would appear that Weiner’s followers are very unhappy with the Democratic Party (especially in New York’s ninth congressional district), so it appears also to be true that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may not be the go-to guy in Iran any longer. After publicly indicating that the two young men who have been jailed there for over two years would be let go pending payment of ‘bail’ (ransom?), his statement was almost immediately overturned in a terse message by his countries judiciary. One can’t help but wonder how much longer Ahmadinejad has before his throat is cut and a new wonder of the world emerges. Well I say, go riddance to the both of you.
Governor Rick Perry and his fondness for the needle!

Honestly Governor! Looking down the road may not be one of your strong suits, or so it would seem. What were you thinking of to pass a 'executive order' to have little girls stuck with a needle? That you act was for a noble cause, I understand. But my dear, soon-to-be ex-leader in the national polls, you need to get legislative approval first preferably with an ‘opt-in’ clause so as to protect your delicate little fanny. Just ask Sarah about where Russia is! This foolish stunt may haunt you the rest of the way and easily could be a presidential deal breaker. I mean not even Romney has been that stupid…yet.

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