Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don Imus and his depressing ads!

After going for a long time without my morning does of Don Imus, I recently purchased a smart phone and was able to stream his show via a radio app. At first, I was excited to once again hear those pearls of wisdom that both Mr. Imus and his associates impart over the waves each weekday morning. And, don't get me wrong, I still love listening to this sour grape and his views on the political train wreck that has become the Federal Government...

But, there is a worm in his his off-channel programming! I’m talking about the horrendous junk that passes for advertizing during the seemingly innumerable breaks he takes. Talk about getting depressed! In a thirty minute period of time I was informed about rape, lupus, cancer (numerous times), and countless commercials that inquired; 'Do you find yourself a little tired these days? Then perhaps you’re about to have a stroke or, or maybe you’re going into a diabetic coma or, or....!!! Give me a break!

I’m wondering if ads like these are driving away other viewers and listeners? It sure did me...

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