Sunday, December 25, 2011

Media manipulation at its best!

With decreasing frequency, I still very occasionally watch one of the 'news' programs like Fox. And it's been with particular angst that, on some broadcasts, the talking heads have made remarks concerning the leadership board for the Republican Party.

Most recently, a lady whose name I've thankfully forgotten, was remarking on how well Ron Paul was expected to do versus the likes of fellow candidates Newt Gringrich and Mitt Romney. She blathered on an on about how even thought that Ron might sweep in and win that caucus and become a front runner would make the Democratic Party 'jump for joy'.

Please! I'm wondering how this same 'news journalist' will spin her poison when Ron is still doing well come February? In a similar fashion, MSNBC is almost 'creaming in their jeans' over the idea that someone like Ron Paul could ascend to become the choice of the GOP. A man destined to go against President Obama in November. In their eyes what a slaughter that would be! (Oh yeah, as if having four more years for a modern-day Pariah to lead us futher down the road to oblivion would be a good thing)...

Well sorry, I beg to differ! I propose that Ron Paul is exactly what we need right now. (He is a doctor after all, and this country is definitely not feeling very well). In addition, he is both a Centralist and a Libertarian; a position to which both more moderate Democrats and Republicans are increasingly beginning to flock.

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