Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fat Daddy's BBQ in Forsyth Missouri!

Here I am, back at Fat Daddy's BBQ located in Forsyth Missouri for yet another breakfast. 'Hey Mikey! I think he likes the place!' Well, yes I do! This venue has a lot going for it, and while not perfect by any means, it does meet the four criteria I feel are most important in any good eatery:

In this post, I'm going to dissect one of their menu items right down to some of its nutritional elements. And yes, I'm also going to touch on pricing. Because, let's face it...

'If a food joint ain't beating up the competition, then the competition is beating up on them!'

On this visit, I decided to order the Lil Pig Platter; a combination of a single egg (your way), toast, hash browns and choice of meat (ham, sausage or bacon). With coffee, this entire order comes to only about five bucks! I'm not sure how they do it, but wow what a deal! The picture tells a thousand words, don't ya think?

Now a brief word about nutrition. While some people get all hot and bothered about calories and sodium levels and such, the main thing is to make sure and eat a balanced choice of meals each day. That means you can possibly over-indulge at one meal if you're careful to maybe under-indulge at the next. That said, here is a partial nutritional panel for a meal that would be similar to the Lil Pig Platter. (I would have had to weigh the food prior to eating which I did not, so I just eye-balled it):

Only 391 calories! And, even though the sodium is a little on the high side, it's still within dietary limits. And yes, the fried egg is very high in cholesterol! However, if you are reasonably healthy and limit yourself to eating them only every so often, you should come out OK. It's worth remembering that eggs provide the highest quality protein found in any food out there mainly because they provide all of the essential amino acids our bodies need in a near-perfect pattern. So, as Thoreau put it so well, 'moderation in all things, but in all things dabble a bit!' Right! (Well, he never put it exactly that way, but you get my drift).

The bottom line with Fat Daddy's is a great tasting breakfast offerings which can be had on the cheap, in a clean venue, with some nice staff around to take care of whiny old people like myself. So, what's not to like?

Update: August 2015 - Fat Daddy's continued to be a very popular venue. You can visit their site at

Disclaimers: All the material presented in this post is based solely on opinions made by the author of Forsythbiz. References made to food content, quality, nutritional value and cost to the consumer were done on a best guess basis and as such, may not be absolutely correct. All prices mentioned were valid at the time of visit in early December 2011.

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