Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama actually has no plan!

OK, so Iraq is being overrun by insane terrorists,
A move that will spike gas here above $6 a gallon.
And, America is doing nothing!

But, that's OK – our President has a plan!

Our President is now working with Iran,
sort of an enemy of our enemy is now a friend thing!
Well, work together to kill those sick people...
that were trained by Iran.

But that's OK! Our President has a plan!

A tidal wave of humanity – Illegal South American children,
are crossing over our southern border as I post this...
and then being bused to other states to live with relatives!

But, that's OK! Obama has a plan...

My question is.. mom and dad?
When you stare in the bathroom mirror each morning,
was this YOUR PLAN?

I didn't even cover his abuse of the IRS...

Please, Congress, I want you all to grow a pair and consider...


Here was a typical response to this post on a popular social channel....

CS - "I've made my comment...I'm not going to debate...we won't ever agree. By looking at your wall, you have the same four or five people that like your political posts. I have no desire to engage with them anymore than you. Just posting my comment so you know I think you're being absurd. Enjoy the rest of your day." I will CS!!
I encouraged my social site friend to share this post for debate... so far 0. Look everyone, when the jack boots break down your door in the distant future... understand this! You had it so coming! 

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