Sunday, June 22, 2014

All the pasta you can eat at the Frosted Mug? A great special!

Whenever I see a menu special that states it's 'all you can eat' and when I see that it's also at a really good price, my BS antenna begins to hum. I ask myself, just why would that be so? Did someone over order too much highly volatile food that was in the process of spoiling? Or, did they just score a real good deal from a supplier and are now willing to pass on the good fortune to a smuck like myself? I never seem to know the answer to those questions and so I tend to take a pass. (Especially if any of the ingredients contained the words fish or Bearnaise)! Hey! Life is short enough as it is...and, as the cartoon on the left hints at, you have to be careful in your choice of specials!

However, on this occasion, a local Forsyth MO eatery called The Frosted Mug was advertising an 'all you can eat' spaghetti platter for only $6.50 ($1.50 extra for meatballs). Included in the meal was home style garlic bread. This looked good to me! So, I stopped there shortly before noon on a warm Sunday in June and placed an order while sitting at the bar.

After I had ordered, I had a chance to sip my glass of water (yeah, I know this is a beer joint but today was Sunday after all) and take a look around at the moderate crowd. I was hoping to see some other customer already engaged in the same dish I'd just ordered. I wanted to watch them closely for signs of weird expressions (or perhaps even spot a gag reflex) as they ate. Sadly, no one else seemed to have 'glommed' onto this great deal at that particular time. So, I was evidently on my own.... 

The bartender, who was a great looking woman by the name of Heather, brought me a rather full and great looking plate of food which smelled simply delicious! (She had to move pretty fast too, as my order prompted two or three more patrons to order the same dish)!

After just a few mouthfuls, I had to admit the taste matched up perfectly with both the aroma and visual presentation! The verdict was in! In my view, the food at the Frosted Mug has steadily improved as has the service, cleanliness and professionalism of the staff. My hat also goes off to the chef who prepared this awesome meal, Tim Evans!

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