Monday, June 23, 2014

Watching and waiting! As a whole generation wonders what happened to the American Dream!

This old song, by the Moody Blues, encompasses some of what I feel it was to be an American in times past. The key words, for me, are ' there's no one here to stop you - from trying'. Back then, we 'went for it' and created wild companies that did crazy things, with a tiny government looking on, that was powerless to stop what became the Industrial Revolution and the birth of a powerful Republic!

Today, Americans are being frustrated and discouraged by a bloated, dysfunctional and even cancerous government the is squeezing the life out of all! Please, let us all work together to fix this!

[Note: I didn't bother to try and download and then link this iconic song directly from my YouTube account - as the ads they promote, like carrion flies that are now on every song, are not worth the time of my audience, small though it may be]!

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