Thursday, June 5, 2014

Announcing DanO's Greasy Spoon! Uh, sorry we're closed!

Since my small town of Forsyth already had over ten eateries, I said to myself - 'What this town needs is another eatery!' So, to that end I've made the necessary preparations to open what I feel would be a unique dining experience! OK, so I was wrong....

I think my problems began, early on, when the sign people screwed up the name of the establishment! And, then they wouldn't redo it or offer a refund, so I had to change the name accordingly. That was a mistake, I can see that now! Grease, people can live with. Grit, not so much so!

My next problem and big hurdle was the bad deal I got on my kitchen equipment! I had purchased everything as a package deal from a country over in Asia. After it all arrived, I did my best to keep my patrons out of the kitchen area, but some managed to sneak in anyway. OK, I'll admit that the stove was a tiny bit dirty....
Then, there was the cook I hired to prepare the meals. After a week of watching him work, I began to suspect he had no cooking experience at all! Later, in court,, I discovered he was actually a patient from a nearby mental institution that had gone AWOL! But seriously, when he showed up for the interview, I just couldn't say no to him. (He really scared me to death)! And speaking of death, more than one of my diners had a brush or two with that very thing after dining in my establishment. In court proceedings, and after the fact, I did bring up the defense that you had to be pretty darn crazy yourself to even take a step into a joint like that! (As a matter of fact, towards the end, I had even put up a sign that read, 'Enter at your own risk!)' Ha Ha.

So, in the end, I figure it was a combination of the sign, and maybe the lousy food combined with those pesky cockroaches and strange cook that put the big kabash on my success. No biggie! I was thinking of entering politics anyway!

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