Sunday, June 15, 2014

Critique: Michelina's Fried Chicken Fritter

I'm a real sucker for any TV dinner (no matter how minuscule it might be) that can be had for just a buck, so I sprang a moldy dollar out of my wallet and bought one! I was a little concerned about that word 'fritter', however and so looked it up as soon as I got home...

Fritter – def: a small piece of food that has been coated in a flour and egg mixture and fried.

Well gee, that didn't sound too bad! Although, that word 'small' concerned me to some extent. At just 227 grams for the entire meal, including the mashed potatoes, I had the distinct impression that my culinary brush with poultry would be somewhat fleeting! Also, the nutritional panel indicates the meal is practically swimming in salt! Twelve hundred milligrams is about half the recommended daily intake, and that's for a young healthy adult! The other parameters didn't bother me so much and the measly 310 calories for the whole meal indicated that I might need to supplement it with some sort of side dish.

Like many meals of similar elk from Michelina, this is a peel the edge up, nuke, stir and nuke again meal to prepare. The stir part is the potatoes and occurs after 3 ½ minutes on high – then you nuke it again for another minute and a half. Not to difficult. I just wish they could figure out how to sell mashed potatoes that don't require the mixing.

Commercial picture. Well, it looks pretty decent!
My amateur picture!
For a side, I elected to add a small amount of green beans, mostly for added bulk. I then compared my preparation against the commercial picture they have on their web page. Hmmm...

Comments posted on their site were few with most saying that while the flavor was rated as good, some felt that the portion was too small while others felt the salt was an issue also. How did I feel about this dollar dish? I gave it a 7 as I thought it was fairly tasty! But, I really felt that this might be better served to really young kids. There's just not enough there to satisfy even a smallish adult!

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