Saturday, June 7, 2014

OK – so now the Democrats want to regulate sex!

SB 967, amended last week by state Sen. Kevin de Leon (D - Los Angeles), would mandate that college students obtain “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.”

Note: If you want to read the entire bill as written – go here for the amended version. If you want to go throw up, please use a bathroom. If you're looking for some sanity, try Finland.

Everyone, please read my lips. There exists no biological, family, social, financial or religious function that some group of nuts somewhere doesn't want to regulate, so as to make your life more 'controlled and acceptable' vis-à-vis by using their vast knowledge about what's good for each and every citizen in the United States! Often these regulations are buried behind the words 'public safety' and 'fairness'. You can find most (not all) of these idiots hanging around the Far Left crowd each of whom is generally out looking for another free lunch...but, then again who isn't!

While this bill is currently being aired to the California loons ( a state just crazy enough to pass it), I feel that most clear thinking folks will see it as nothing more than another attempt to continue in the crusade to regulate everything that 300 million say, do or think! Sorry, but I'm not buying it, you, your party or the mentally disturbed individuals that finance such foolishness...

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