Friday, June 6, 2014

A Stirpotsal meal!

Was Stirpotsal some weird meal I brought back from my last visit to the Orient? No. That time I only brought back a bad case of Jinga Jinga. No, nothing so exciting as that. This is just another in my now endless line of stir fry combinations – meals I make for breakfast and which combine protein, carbohydrates and fiber! OK! Sigh... so what's in it?

Glad you asked. Actually, Stirpotsal is nothing more than a combination of beef stir fry, a baked potato and a salad! Who would have thought? I brings a fairly nice balance of nutrients to the morning meal and tastes good to boot! Caution, however, when combined with toast and milk it brings over 600 calories to the total diet mix! That makes this meal a bit fk'd up calorie wise, but the taste makes up for it!

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