Friday, May 4, 2012

Critique: Banquet Pepper Steak Meal

First off, I have to say that the meat patty in Banquet’s Pepper Steak meal is rather tiny. As in dinky, not really there and where the F is the beef? This dollar-a-meal offer by Banquet is perhaps ‘all it cannot be’! For something that comes in at just 260 calories, and which costs a buck (.97), it’s not a horrible deal, mind you. But, keep in mind that you pretty much get what you pay for these days. Q: What does a buck buy in 2012? A: Not very much!

You just can't fix ugly!
This offering, from the folks at Con-Agra, advertises a ‘seasoned patty made with chicken, pork, beef in a pepper sauce over rice’. (Not really a steak). The reality, as you can see in the picture at right was pretty lame. Made me think of my last septic tank inspection, for some reason! Nothing at all like the package artwork.... And, there’s also enough sodium to qualify it as a preservative in its own right! (Turns out the extra salt is all that save this meal a deal).

Yet, I must remind myself that these are hard times under Obama's regime, and so when I run low on funds, I will often visit the 'commoner’s food trough' from time to time. If I close my eyes tight, this stuff does taste OK. However, next time I can scrap together enough mullah, I’m gonna buy the upscale version. Maybe something from Marie Callender or even Healthy Choice! [Updated in Nov 2014]

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