Monday, May 28, 2012

I am going to Hell!

For all of those who sit
On their philosophical throne
There is hope and kindness
God is good and we are not alone
But value attached to real life
Concrete, steel, asphalt and glass
How far from the concept
Has true goodness passed?
Tell to the workers have seen their job pass
God may be all good and merciful
But to many people
He can kiss their ass
For hope springs not eternal
As he would say
In his arrogant way
How do I meet my rent today?
How do we keep God Alive?
When he seems to tells us
This all just jive
And have lost hope all of us
God tells us love and caring is all of it
But I for one have my doubts
And believe it is all shit
But I for one have my doubts
So we all search
Often in vain
With life pouring down on us a cold rain
But what to believe in
We humans do not know
Life’s often alone and black
As a cold, cold as a blizzard of snow
We find no solace in the attempted journey back
So Christ died on the cross
Gods only son
To save us all
Are we having fun????????? 

Pat Betz 2012

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