Sunday, May 20, 2012


As bad a boy as I can be
Their genes and desire
Attract the honeybees
And many I have lit their fire

Love but a purpose
On their tongue
But in full denial of their true thought
Of the lust that is sought

Life has taught me
If nothing else
That while love is sought
With lust it can be bought

At our essence only animals are we
We claim to be above the beasts
How naïve are we
Providing meat for natures feast

We hide our lust in a thing called love
To provide a rationalization
For the beast within us all
But at what I have written I am appalled

For it is not as I had hoped
But what life has taught
That through lust
Love can be bought

Of true love I know naught

I have given myself to no avail
All of myself to another’s wishes
But in the name of love
My heart has felt nails

So now
How to love and trust
It is only in my inner self
That I deeply believe  I must

What is my purpose upon this earth
To be beast for breeding stock
Or to feel that which I have so long sought
Love that lust has not bought

Pat Betz 2012

Pat, and his brother Michael, are two good friends. Hopefully Mr. Betz will be authoring more entries on this site in the near future!

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