Thursday, May 24, 2012

What are those purple bug traps hanging from trees?

If you have been vacationing and driving around Missouri, particularly in the southern half of the state, you have probably noticed the big purple boxes hanging in trees. The Missouri Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture and other cooperators are using these sticky traps to aid in the detection of the dreaded emerald ash borer.

The map, shown below, marks locations where the ash borer has been discovered. This very invasive bug, which looks kinda cute, has already been responsible for the deaths of millions of ash trees across the US. If left unchecked, it will eventually kill all the ask trees in this continent!

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How can you help stop its spread?

    1)      Don’t move firewood from one are to another. This is a favorite method for the bug to move around!
    2)      Don’t plant ask trees. Plant something else as this bug can only survive by eating ash.
    3)      If you spot an infestation, call 866-716-9974. Lots of bugs look like the emerald ash borer so do your best to make sure before you call.

Click here for a technical information guide.

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