Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Critique: Healthy Choice Beef Strips Portabella!

According to the package, this must be some sort of wild West dish: 'Tell your taste buds to saddle up because it’s time to ride. Tender and juicy beef strips covered in a savory portabella mushroom sauce, served with fluffy whipped potatoes and a fresh mix of green beans and carrots. Then finish up with a sweet caramel-apple dessert that’s close to perfection.'

At just 280 calories, I was all ears, er... make that all mouth..as in watering. This creation by the same folks who brought us Weight Watcher meals, has all the things I like in a TV dinner style meal a deal! There's beef, veggies, fungus in the form of mushrooms... And oh my! Is that a heap of mashed pertaters I see on the package. Man-o-man! You get all that AND dessert! There's just got to be a catch.

Well, it wasn't the price! I paid a paltry $2.99 for this and the nutritional panel also indicated it was not going to blow out an aortic gasket when I ate it. So, I figured it'd have to be the taste! If there's one thing I've learned in life, there ain't no such thing as a cheap TV dinner that was good for your body AND tasted good. Nope! Just not in the cards.

I was beginning to suspect that the folks at ConAgra Foods may just have gotten their act together when they decided to come up with this line of products! The instructions were a breeze; just cut away the plastic over the dessert and nuke for about five and a half minutes on high. Man, it don't get no more easy than that! I followed these simple directions and then headed over to the dinner table to dig on in. In the background, I put on an old Roy Rogers number to help set a western mood.

The beef, the sauce and the mashed potatoes were good to excellent. I wasn't as happy about those carrots and green beans, however.. so, I gave them lower marks. I saved the apple dessert for last. Oops, the apple were a tad bit al dente. Good tasting, but they need to work on that some more. Overall a very decent low calorie, low salt meal that is head and shoulders above many similar offerings on the market. I gave this one a sold 7 on a scale of 10.

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