Sunday, April 19, 2015

Forsyth Missouri Citywide Yard Sale May 9th!

Every year, the City of Forsyth Missouri has a yard sale that brings together all sorts and types of people who gather along Highway 160 to show off their wares! I would not be far wrong to say that you can find just about any sort of whatnot or doodad at these annual events. Even food is offered in the form of cookies and pies! Just make sure to put on your walking shoes if you desire to take in the full flavor of all that goes on!

This year the event will be held on May the 9th. It's free and the bargains are great! But, please don't forget to stop in at the various places of business while you're out and about. I'm planning on a nice lunch at the Frosted Mug as it is pretty much smack dab in the middle of all the action! They serve a selection of menu items including good old hamburgers and hotdogs – not to mention an ice cold mug of beer! Apparently, the wild rumor I tried to start concerning free food and beer did not come to fruition.

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