Friday, April 17, 2015

Mice in space!

NASA - The two mice aboard the SpaceX capsule have apparently escaped and are now roaming about somewhere in the International Space Station. Commander Barry Wilmore noted that the little creatures are 'right at home in zero gravity' and were seen zipping about in one room of the station before disappearing behind a circuit board. Efforts to locate them have proved fruitless, so far.

Dubbed Mork and Mindy by launch personnel, there is now a growing concern that the rodents may begin to wildly mate and produce numerous offspring. When Commander Wilmore was asked if they would starve or die first due to lack of water, he wasn't really sure, as there are large stores of both all over the station in plastic containers that can easily be breached by the sharp mice teeth. There is also speculation that the mice, (and any offspring they might produce) may rapidly mutate into something new and perhaps dangerous like in the fictional movie Alien...

The Commander laughed that off too, although it was a rather weak sounding laugh.

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