Friday, April 10, 2015

ETM, just the basics for breakfast!

Holy Moley! And egg, taco and milk breakfast! Am I insane? 

[Perhaps I am or maybe becoming so. Sanity has always been an ephemeral concept. But, hear me out on this meal a deal].

Eggs deal out a high level of almost 'perfect protein' for us humans. These is very little 'residue' left from an egg that is not absorbed completely as it is absorbed. That's a good sign. And those media hypes concerning the high levels of cholesterol... the latest developing consensus from the medial community is rapidly changing. About 92 calories.

Homemade tacos, the way I make them, are basically a white corn soft tortilla wrapped around a mix of taco beef (60 grams), cheese (1 tbsp) and some hot sauce. Overall,  a very good mix of carbs and protein, most of which are also absorbed very well by the intestine . About 150 calories per taco.

Milk, 2% to be exact. Another great blast of amino acids that our bodies assimilate rather well. About 120 calories per cup.

The total caloric package is about 370 - 400 calories, depending on how much the actual quantities vary. The glycemic index is pretty low, not much in the way of glucose spiking ingredients here. This 'breakfast' takes some time to digest and so the energy is released relatively slowly - about the right amount to get one to lunch time.

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