Sunday, April 19, 2015

The 2015 Taney County Fair!

Is it really fair to call this County fair a fair event. Over the past few years, ever since they moved most of it to the Shoals Bend Park area, I feel it's gone a bit downhill. Everyone I know, liked the old location very much. Passers by driving on Hwy 160 had a great view of the layout and as well as the amount of activity that was going on. At Shoals Bend, I feel as though I am driving into someones back alley. Really? Thanks, buy no thanks!

This year, the Taney County Fair will be held starting on June 23rd (a Tuesday) through Friday on the 27th. Also, this year, admission to the 2015 Taney County Fair is completely free! Rides and attractions as well as arena events have a separate gate fee but admission to the fairgrounds, the stage area and all the vendors including food vendors and tent area are free to the public. (I'm totally guessing that this was a move to spruce up the lame attendance figures from the prior couple of years). The schedule of events is available at for anyone with an interest. And, I'm guessing it will be held, once again, at the Shoals Bend location.

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