Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Critique: Analysis of the value of a can of ravioli!

Let me begin by saying that I like to eat beef ravioli. And of the choices out there on grocery shelves, a can of Chef Boyardee is one of the most tasty in my limited view. Each 425 gram can cost me $1.09 each when I purchased a couple of cans from a Country Mart store located in Forsyth MO. Now there are cheaper versions out there, but most are a poor second in the taste department. That said, let's take a deeper look at this particular brand.

Each regular sized 15 ounce or 425 gram can contains the following key nutritional ingredients per 1 cup or half can or 246 gram amount:

Calories  - 220      ( Cost per gram eaten equals 3 one hundredths of a cent)
Fat fr calories -  60
Total fat -  7 grams    (About 11% of your recommended daily intake)
Cholesterol -  10 mg   
Sodium -  750 mg    (Through the roof at 31% of your daily allowance)
Carbs -  31 grams
Protein -  7 grams

Most people I know don't eat ½ a can. They eat the whole thing all at one sitting! That also changes the dietary impact considerably as you'd get over half you daily allowance of salt in one meal! The better news was that you did get a decent shot of calories (think energy for your metabolic battery) in that one meal. And so, for about a buck in cost, that wasn't too bad a shot of food!

But wait! That ain't all! Remember that canned foods are also PROCESSED FOODS and that means that some really strange sounded ingredients get added to help preserve the contents. Let me see now... enzyme modified cheese, yeah that sounds safe. Then there's that xanthan gum for you know... Just remember! When you eat something, your body has to deal with that substance or substances on a molecular level! That's exactly why I like to eat fresh.. when I can afford it. And, did you know that you can easily make your own? Please check out this great article!

In today's economy, a can of CB ravioli does make sense, as long as you make to sure to balance it out with some fruit or a decent vegetable salad!

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