Sunday, January 17, 2016

On eggs and fajitas!

Farm fresh eggs!

Experts will tell you that there is absolutely no difference between white and brown eggs other than the color of their shells. They are simply produced by two differently colored hens! However, they will also tell you that there are differences in the nutritional value depending on what the chickens were fed. I firmly believe that open range chickens from small home sized farms tend to not get fed any antibiotics, tend to be less stressed and most importantly - a dozen of their eggs can often be had for a lot less money! [I paid only $2.50 for eggs pictured above]!

Stir fry fajita?

I'm not really sure if this breakfast dish qualified as a fajita or not. I do know that it tasted pretty darn good for morning fare. I made this dish by cooking beef chunks, bell pepper and onions in a frying pan over medium high heat using just a bit of oil. I seasoned this creation with just a dash of Tabasco and taco sauce. Not too shabby!

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