Monday, January 25, 2016

Fox News and the much needed mute button!

Just as the content of Fox News in often inspiring an professional, so it is also true that their paid advertisers are often insulting, misleading, disgusting or just plain frightening! Here's a list of five I assembled for my reader's edification;

  1. Rosland Capitol – This idiot company airs something like 30 times each day. Always with that moron William Devane and always with the same morbid story; that things are crappy and are going to get crappier, so why don't you go out and buy some metal? What a pant load of sheer claptrap. I'm sick of him and the firm he represents! If you want to invest in something, invest in guns and ammo.. you're going to actually need those!

  2. Idaho Potatoes – Give me a break, we poor people are already buying those five pound bags for three American bucks. It's about all we can still afford, living under Obama and the Progressive Left's shadow all these years!

  3. Prevagen, Nocaderm, Viagra and all the other RX crap. Let's face it! Pharmaceutical firms are out for only one thing. Your cash! As much of it as they can get! And they often get it by scaring the living shit out of you! Wise up people and hit the mute button. The real person to seek out is a qualified doctor who will often times steer you towards the generics or even homeopathic solutions that will not put you in the poor house.

  4. Any car commercial! Let's face it! With prices starting at 30K, most of us Americans have been shuffled out of the market. And those with an excess of pride, will buy them and then suffer with those payments on what becomes a worthless rust bucket long before they're  paid off! (A better investment would be to buy a hammer with which you can smash a finger or two anytime you get the urge to throw your money away in this insane manner).

  5. Mediacom – Ever since I made the mistake of signing up with Mediacom for my TV and Internet coverage, I've had cause to really question my sanity. I think of this company in the same manner I would a used car lot full of crooks. (It's also managed about the same). And, yes I know that most of us have only one or two choices as to a provider and that most of them really suck. My advice. Toss your computer, plant flowers in your TV and go outdoors for exercise and maybe even to meet some real people now and again. You'll live longer, be healthier and richer as a result!

    Once again, Fox News is not a bad outlet when compared to the rest of the sheer crap out there. And, I know they have to sell the crud I've mentioned above.  I just wonder if they understand that very often, I don't hit the mute button, I turn the damn channel off and find other stuff to do.

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