Friday, January 22, 2016

Forsyth Missouri water quality!

As the horror that was the Flint Michigan drinking water disaster recently unfolded for shocked Americans, I've had a few who have asked me if I knew anything about the quality of the water serving many of the citizens of Forsyth Missouri. I told them no, but that I would do my best to see what I could find out.

Almost immediately, a web search led me to one Michael Cole, the laboratory Directory for the Taney County Planning Commission. I called him and learned that for $10, they would be happy to test a homeowners drinking water for 'biologics (sp?)' (bacteria, microbes, etc) or other harmful substance that might be present. The lab is located in the Taney Country Regional Sewer District Office over from the Post Office and near the License office (see map). You can obtain free sterilized plastic sample bottles on request at that location.

Mr. Cole was very friendly and professional sounding when I talked with him over the phone. He informed me that should I desire a complete water quality report, that they are available at the Forsyth City Hall building on request. This would be the report that anyone who is on City of Forsyth water will more than likely want to see if they have any concerns. Mr. Cole informed me that most of our water wells (I think he quoted four) are quite deep (many 300 to 500 feet down with some over 1000 feet) and that the water from them is relatively pristine in nature as there are no nearby industrial sources of potential contamination to worry about. He said that everyone in his office were very concerned about frequent inspections and about maintaining a high degree of safe water levels for the citizens of my home area.

You can reach Mike's office at 417-546-7225 during normal business hours to make inquiries or express any concerns. The office is located at 207 David St, Forsyth, MO 65653 in case you might need written correspondence.

Just for curiosity sake, I plan to have this lab test my drinking water and also plan to visit City hall to get a copy of their most recent Water Quality report. Note that the report I received was a couple of years out of date!  I'll append the drinking water testing report to this post at some later date.

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