Saturday, January 2, 2016

Forsyth's puzzling water billing practice!

Forsyth MOAfter recently moving from the outskirts of a small town in southwest Missouri to a location inside the city limits, I found that there were some new things to get used to....

Take my water/sewage bill, for instance. Apparently, even though city personnel do routinely read the meters, they don't actually record them on a consumers bill, preferring to estimated the amounts instead. OK, let me repeat that. They go to all the trouble of reading each meter (I've watched them) and then the City sends out a bill with what looks like a guesstimate! How do I know this. My meter reading always end up in even amounts! Hey guys and gals! If you're gonna guess at the readings, why did the City Fathers spend perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to install accurate meters in the first place?

Maybe this practice will catch on with the local power co-op. They could send out an electric bill for a 'ballpark amount' of what they think you used and then you, the consumer could, send them a check on what you think you 'should' pay them... based on a really good personal estimate of course!

Update: Shortly after posting this, I received a new billing that seemed to reflect an accurate reading. Boy! Talk about a fast reaction!

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