Sunday, January 17, 2016

Critique: Subway's Cold Cut Combo!

At some point last summer, I stopped at a Subway located near my home in Forsyth Missouri and fell in love with their Cold Cut Combo 6” meal deal! (A great lunch time selection and hopefully a  healthy addiction over time)!

And so it was on one of the coldest mornings of the 2015- 2016 winter, that I stopped at the 14974 US Hwy 160 venue, just to the north of Forsyth Missouri on Highway 160, to get a midday fix!

The Combo is just one of many sandwich offerings to be found at Subway, but it had tickled my fancy mostly because it was a combo of veggies and meats on bread - simple and wholesome, just like myself. OK. So, maybe I'm just simple.

I arrived at the popular eatery a little bit early on a Monday morning, around11:30 AM, in order to skirt the crowds that show up at about the noon hour. I ambled on in to the always spotless eatery and found that there was only one person at the order counter. Perfect. Now a word of caution! As you approach that counter, there is a great looking display of all kinds of chips-in-bags, just begging to be snatched up. Don't do it! These little bags of joy are actually 'caloric bombs'! And when they detonate, they can wreck even the most carefully devised diet! Thus, as I approached the counter that morning... I quickly grabbed myself a bag of Lays chips! [So, go ahead and sue me]!

Bag in hand, I then got the attention of the person I like to call the 'Facilitator'. (That's the guy or girl who assembles your sandwich according to your instructions). From a strictly procedural standpoint, you first call out the base and style of the sandwich. 'White bread, 6 inch cold cut combo,' I stated assertively that morning. The Facilitator eyed me casually and then asked, 'Ya'll want that toasted?' 'Yes, I do', I answered right back. (My mouth had began to drool a bit, at that point. A troubling, but well understood development from past visits).

That chore done, the last item in the order process was what most always got me flustered. My 'virginal bun' had just come out of the flash oven and it smelled terrific! It was hot-to-trot and merely awaited my personal selection of veggies from what looked to be a cornucopia of mouth watering selection bins. (On this day, excessive drooling, forced me to forego normal speech in favor of animalistic grunting and pointing. Thankfully, the Facilitator interpreted these strange gyrations correctly). [FYI - I prefer hot peppers, mayo, lettuce and onion on my cold cut combo]. In no time, the meal was expertly 'wrapped up'  and I then paid up.

OK, just a word about Subway and the cost of their food. It's atrocious! Seriously, I sometimes feel like an addict scoring some drug for a hundred dollars. OK, may be not as bad as all that. Still, the 6 inch sub and the bag of chips cost $5.25 including tax! Personally, I think that a little costly! But hey, I'm a true culinary addict, like I said...

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