Friday, May 6, 2016

Forsyth City-wide garage sale!

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On Saturday, May the 7th, the small town of Forsyth Missouri will be having their annual city-wide garage sale. Yes, lots and lots of folks will be setting up tables and booths in an effort to display all the junk they've managed to accumulate and which they now hope to unload on someone else for a small fee.

You never know exactly what you're going to find at any garage sale and therein lies their slightly weird attraction. (That is assuming you get to the event rather early as all the really good deals are long gone by the 9 o'clock hour)! And, it's best to also assume sporadic traffic jams on the one highway that runs through town for you people who have a job and need to get to it!

This year, I hope to find a parking spot just up the hill from where I live and maybe walk around for a bit to see 'the action'. I'm referring not to what's for sale, so much, as I am to the circus of people these events always seems to attract. You get individuals from all walks of life who, like moths to a flame, seem drawn to spend money on stuff they would pass by if observed on the curb on any trash day. But that's the way it is. And the stranger something it, the more attention it seems to garner. Take any old piece of rusting metal, call it an antique, and suddenly it's worth a lot of money! Yes, good old country fun is to be had all around!

Thankfully, there is a bar or two in town, where one can go after a day of browsing where you can get a cold beer and some grub. And, by some interesting quirk of nature, I happen to live right down the hill from John's Frosted Mug! See ya all there!

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