Sunday, May 29, 2016

River Run not ready for prime time!

Unwashed filthy signs greet park goers...
After a great early spring and with plenty of time, it appeared not much had been done to clean up the River Run Park near Forsyth MO on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend.
Locked gate screams stay out!

A closed gate on the Baker Street entrance, dirty unwashed signs and toilet/shower areas that had not been prepped.... these all spoke volumes to me. My thought was that perhaps I should find another park to camp in, say Shadowrock Park right across the river where everything was shipshape and many of the available camping spots had been taken.

In my mind the story was very easy to read. River Run is managed by the Federal government while Shadowrock Park is under local control. River Run is a mess while Shadowrock is clean and functional. That the difference, these days, with most everything that the Feds touch. My opinion? Perhaps River Run should be turned over to the city of Forsyth as they seem to know how to at least maintain while also making a profit....

 While Shadowrock support nice bathroom facilities, not so at River Run where porta potties are considered good enough....

2018 Update: The Park is closed for the season and partly under water. Great land management by the corps.

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