Sunday, May 8, 2016

Well, they have a deck anyway!

Rockaway Beach MO - After hearing a rumor that some sort of bar was going to open out behind the Taneycomo Market off Hwy 176 in Rockaway Beach, I drove down there to sneak a peek.

When I arrived there was all sort of lumber strew about the front of the establishment, but no one I could see was actually working. I came to find out the the carpenter that had been recently hired had also been fired! And, while there was a nice expansive deck situated behind the market, I could see little if anything else. No chairs, no tables... really, no nothing.

I inquired as to this state of affairs with one of the locals and was informed that things were pretty much at a standstill. Even the interior of the market itself looked partially gutted. I was told that there were problems with licenses and other paperwork (neither was substantiated) and that the owners were looking for a new carpenter.

Here's hoping to an eventual grand opening and I personally hope they have an open air bar and eatery as those types of establishments are pretty much non existent in my neck of the woods. And, while I may not know very much, I do know that this deck needs to be stained and treated pretty darn soon! Otherwise it might be a bit warped...

June 1, 2016 Update

I drove by this now closed gas station only to learn that they plan to reopen soon as a bar! Other rumors were that another gas station located just to the north in  Merriam Woods was also shuttered.Also, I have no information on when this new drinking emporium will open or even what it will be called, as the owners who have my email have failed to contact me....

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