Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The hidden delights of a grilled bologna sandwich!

OK. What delights might I be a referring to? In point of fact, there wasn't much to say in the way of good stuff about my luncheon sandwich this day. It consisted of a slice of bologna sandwiched between two slice of white bread. I also slathered on a tablespoon of mayo to to help make what was mildly bad nutrition into something even worst!

Have you seen this sandwich?

For this report, I brought in a police sketch artist who did a pretty bad job, (but he was free and so I had that going for me). But, if you use your imagination, you can see that he did a good job labeling the main ingredients:
  1. White bread which I toasted and which turns almost at once into glucose when it hits the intestines. A real sugar rush is then experienced. About 100 calories.
  2. A thin layer of mayo which is also egg white mixed with oil. Think the world 'fat' and you got it nailed! About 90 calories.
  3. Bologna is a sort of meat or meaty substance that, like its cousin Spam, comes from unknown sources. You don't want to know. Trust me. About 60 calories in each slab.
There you have it! A 250 calorie concoction that, were you to feed it to your dog on a regular basis, would likely kill him within just a few years!

Also, on this day, I had a small amount of Mandarin oranges 70 calories) in a desperate attempt to be able to use the words 'fair nutrition'.

So, what exactly are those hidden delights. Beats me. This junk is about all I can afford to eat while basking in Obama's Utopian Society....

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