Sunday, May 8, 2016

Forsyth City wide Garage Sale!

Forsyth MO - On what was a picture perfect Saturday in May, the main drag on Highway 160 was the scene of a city wide garage sale with hundreds of vendors setting up tables and booths featuring everything from brick a brac to live plants! Everyone who was selling stuff I spoke with told me that business had been brisk with moderate to good traffic all morning and then stretching into the afternoon hours!

I had a chance to talk with a few of the men and women who were at the City Hall location across from the National Enzyme Company and was told that sales had been 'exceptional'. One vendor by the name of John, who had a large flatbed of assorted items, told me that earlier the surface had been covered with all type of  stuff and that now you could see lots of open space!

Seriously, garage sales can offer a real savings if you are willing to hoof it from display to display to find just the right items.

On this occasion, even the Mayor Eddie Coleman (below) was present to help promote what has become a much anticipated annual event!

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