Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shots from the hip!

Taney County Weather, what weather? - I sure don't want to jinx up the thing, but this sure has been a nice and fuzzy spring! Sure. We could have used a little more rain, but gee where are those big thunder boomers we would get exposed to most every year right about this time? One would almost imagine that the weather systems were running down a bit... Currently, Taney County is quite a few inches behind the curve, but wait! The NWS is now predicting a fun fill week starting Monday May 23rd with storm after storm after storm...
River Run Park – For years now, I've felt that the Corps of Engineers have maybe dropped a ball bearing or two out of their collective noggins. Take, for instance, the gates on Baker street in a small subdivision near River Run Park. Earlier this spring, one of the two gates near Highway 76 was opened as conditions in the park area proper appeared very ship shape. However, due to some mental process I'm not aware of, the Corps decided to leave the second gate closed thereby blocking Baker street access from the subdivision. A situation that could easily hinder emergency vehicles when every second counts....

There has been NO word, that I'm aware of, as to why they are keeping that f'ing gate closed. And while I'm positive they must have a good reason, the Corps of Engineers never have made much of an attempt at informing we the public other than perhaps a few posts on Facebook!

Be that as it may, River Run Park is there for the enjoyment and recreation of the public! And, I really don't care much for any excuses by them or anyone else from the government these days. Just please take care of your responsibilities and get the gate open!
Forsyth Patriot Parade – On Saturday the 21st, Forsyth Missouri will be hosting a parade to honor all of our vets, both past and present! I've included a link here from the Hometown Daily news site in case you desire additional information. The weather for Saturday should be exceptional!

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