Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Surveillance can be useful!

As the prices of wireless surveillance cameras has gone down recently, I decided to order a kit contain two cameras for myself. I want the ability to watch both my garage that was some 100 feet away and to keep an eye on the skies off to the southwest for inclement weather.

The unit I choose for this application was a Uniden model with a resolution of 480 per channel and comes with a dedicated 7 inch display. This was enough for my needs as I can channel 4 cameras on one WiFi channel without the need to additional receivers. I would not recommend this or any other unit, personally. You need to do your own research or have someone who is knowledgeable in the surveillance field to ensure you get the right hardware and software for the job at hand.

This particular unit can detect motion and will then save a video file to a flash disk for later review. I installed it after suffering a loss of some items from my communal garage.

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