Sunday, May 15, 2016

The rise of the mini burger meal!

For about as long as I can remember, restaurant burgers were always larger than life affairs. Even using McDonald's as a sort of standard, their Quarter pounder with cheese with a medium French fries comes in at about 317 grams for 880 calories! So, if you are on any sort of really serious diet, just eating those two items meant that you were in for a much more meager breakfast and dinner. (Add in the fact that the standard burger meal has a load of fat, cholesterol and sodium and you can see why many people shy away from them in search of more 'nutritious' fare).

Enter the mini burger (or slider) and small French fry meal deal with fruit! This is a much more slimmed down version (think child's portion) type of offering that comes in at about half the calories! In addition, I've added a little bit of fresh fruit to really change the entire culinary picture – Now I can enjoy a delicious burger and fries without any quilt at all!

This would be a great concept for a fast food emporium like McDonald's to latch onto!

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