Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christine O'Donnell gets my vote!

OK, so she was a witch! So Christine O’Donnell was behind on her rent! So she has little experience in Washington! So what? Here’s the deal everyone. The things that look like black marks are also the very things that the voters of Delaware and elsewhere should be looking for in a fresh face for the New Washington.

I think that most of the public, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Tea Baggers (or idiots like myself) must have suspected for some time now things are not all that great in the good old USA. If you watch any news at all, you become very quickly aware that Washington smells more like the Delaware River than it does a Lilly white shirt. It’s fishy and like house guests that have stayed too long, needs to be shown the door. That means anyone who has been in office should be dumped ASAP. Sitting Democrat or Republican, you’re out. Newbie’s, you’re in! This is the message that needs to be sent to President Obama and the rest of his socialist elite. Only by cleaning out what has become a biblical den of corruption can some of the ills of this nation be healed.  The coming election in November is not really about parties or who will or will not be elected. It is about the survival of our country and as capitalistic and free nation under God.

So, Christine, even though I am not a resident of the fine State of Delaware, my imaginary vote goes out to you. I perceive you as a real human being, full of all the flaws and faults the rest of us share. I realize also, that though you may fumble about as a fledgling Senator, you will be standing in that Hall working for the people of your state and not some special interest. I know you will do your best to shrink government and further the cause of this Republic as opposed Coons, a self-declared Marxist, who would like to see it dissolved.

My name is Dan Owen and I approved this message. You can bet your ass I do! I'm a center line Independent voter, and along with many of my fellow American's, Democratic ass is just what I'll be kicking on November the 2nd.

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