Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck

On an impulse, I recently purchased a book published by Glenn Beck which was titled ‘The Overton Window’. I bought it with the expectation that it would be an extension of the kinds of things Glenn does on his afternoon program which airs on the Fox News. I was wrong.

The book is both eye opening and highly readable. I think it also does a credible job in explaining some of the machinations that are at work behind the scenes in American government. It paints a graphic example of what happens when true leaders of that country, its citizens, abdicate their power to a small group of corrupt power brokers who play one side against the other in order to forward their personal agendas. This power struggle has been going on in all governments for as long as men have sought a way to band together. America’s system, while imperfect, was and is one of the better experiments in freedom. However, as the book points out, corruption, once it gains a foothold, can spread like a burning cancer throughout the length and width of the system. A system managed by power hungry despots who imagine themselves ordained to take care of the flock, even at that flocks expense in personal liberties.

I would encourage everyone to buy a copy or failing that, get your friends at church to pool their money so that books can be purchased and then shared. I do not think you will be disappointed.

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