Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MSNBC - a clueless and sad footnote to news commentary in America.

Whenever I need a shot of indignation or if I just want a cheap laugh, I tune into the MSNBC Comedy Hour (which is every hour). No matter when I tune in, the message is always the same; Obama against the rest of the world or Glenn Beck is a liar and crazy person or my ever favorite, our current financial meltdown is due solely to Bush. That pretty much covers the mainstream focus of a group of people who should really know better.

Here’s a good exercise for any future budding journalistic majors that may be out there. Take notes for an hour while watching this media outlet and then go and verify what they say. Gosh! What an eye opening exercise! Access to facts via the Internet must make commentators like Rachael Maddow cringe. But, somehow they move on anyhow…

But, you know what! If you tell a lie often enough, people like me and you will begin to believe the drivel they peddle anyway. They are also great at reporting snippets of news out of context. The piece was factually correct, but when not heard in context can carry a completely different meaning than what was meant. When I stated, a while ago, that ‘Maddow should be shot’ it would help if you knew that I was referring to rabies shots. Whatever happened to competent and verified news sourcing? Has MSNBC even heard of these terms?  Do they even care?

Here is my challenge to all the media outlets. From now on, when you make a report that is controversial, also make sure to post links on your webpage to back up the facts you are reporting. Now that would make for a lot of fun in my view.

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