Friday, September 10, 2010

Iran cancels release of Sarah!

Evidently, Iran has canceled the planned release of Sarah Shourd, a detained US woman, because it says the legal procedure needed to secure her freedom has not been completed.

"Because the legal procedure on her case is not finished, her release is canceled," the ILNA news agency quoted Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, a Tehran prosecutor, as saying on Friday.

This cat and mouse game by a group of demented sick and sadists over the release of US citizens and others has got to stop. I can only hope and pray that some country (hint hint) out there with enough cojones (definitely not the US) give this den of snakes a last chance to release all its foreign nationals. Also, they should demand Armadadickwad's head on a pole. For these acts, they will then promise not to bomb the country back into the Stone Age, but rather only Dark Ages (a time they might actually like).

I'm sorry to sound so immature, but Iran's government really does need to go. They are a sore on the butt of a world that will only get worst the longer we endure the pain of their continued existence.

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