Thursday, September 9, 2010

On November 3rd the job picture may improve.

It is no secret that perhaps a trillion or two is currently being held by companies all across America for fear of increased corporate taxes and the uncertainty that has been so much a part of a democratic majority in both houses.

I have to wonder, then on what positive effect might be had if and when on November the 2nd, the American people change the balance of power when elections sweep many new Republicans into office. This just might open the flood gates and begin to turn, what has been a nightmare around.

But, don’t misunderstand me. I am not a large fan of the Republican Party by any stretch. It’s just that right now I can see the benefit to moving the countries political profile a little over to the right. Such a move, however, will do nothing to cure the horrendous amount of corruption that exists on Capitol Hill.

I would encourage any thoughtful voter to forget about party allegiance this one time and vote only for first time Republican candidates. We need to purge the system of the crap that currently is plugging everything up. We need some fresh blood and with that transfusion, we need effective legislation to provide for term limits, a smaller federal government and a return of sovereignty to the states.

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