Sunday, September 26, 2010

But Wait! If you order now...

How many times have you heard those words on what has quaintly (but also accurately) been referred to as the boob tube? OK, listen up all you rubes out there. Anytime you hear 'But Wait', I want you to jot the information down and then go directly to to do a little investigative research of your own. If the product is on the up and up, meaning there are few complaints, then by all means order them. (You might just get lucky and order something that actually works).

Following are a few of my favorites along with some typical complaints;

“On Friday March 25 I ordered the Emery Cat board and accidentally hit a#ordered (2), when I got to the billing I realized what I had done and the s&h was $31 with a total order if over $90. I telephoned the company and was told they couldn't help me until Monday. So Monday I telephoned and spoke to a Todd and he informed me there was nothing I could do as the order had already been shipped by FEDEX and the only thing I could do is send it back when I receive it minus the shipping and handling, So if I send it back I am still out $31...”

“Thursday, 8/19/10: I ordered 2 sets of iRenew bracelets online. It did not give me the opportunity to review my order before giving me a confirmation that 3 sets were ordered at $19. 99 each, plus a shipping charge of $52. 65 was added onto that. I immediately called the number listed (203) 306-5764 and spoke with a customer service rep that could not find my online order...”

“never received my ez water jet. I have had several conversations with the 800 number to no avail!!!I have faxed all the info including my copy of my charges on my credit card to a heather!!! On June 28-2010 i again talked to a Janelle who assured me her supervisor would call me back immediately with an answer...”

Remember the trigger phrases are ‘But Wait’ and ‘Free’. Anytime you see one of these in a commercial, turn up your bullshit meter a notch or two.

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