Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does Socialism Really Work?

One day last year a Texas Political Science Professor was teaching his class about the failures of Socialism in world governments. A bright young student arose to challenge the Professor and insisted that Socialism does work in certain areas of the world and indeed is working now in the good ole US of A as well!

The Professor said "OK class if you all agree we will conduct a live experiment in the merits of Socialism, but you must all agree to accept the results of this experiment". The class all agreed, they were very eager to precipitate in the Professor's experiment; which was:

1. Quiz on Wednesday, Test on Friday, the grade will be on an average.

 If the average score in the class was an A then everyone gets an A.
 If the average score in the class was a B then everyone gets a B.
 If the average score in the class was a C then everyone gets a C.
 If the average score in the class was a D then everyone gets a D.
 If the average score in the class was an F then everyone gets a F

2. This experiment in Socialism would last for one month.

The first grade on the Quiz was a B, so everyone in the class got a B. Some of the A students were complaining, but the C students were happy to get a B. The A students started to study less and complain more.

The results of the Test on Friday was a C, now the A students were really complaining to the other students about studying and they were trying to encourage the C students to bring up their grades, but the C students did not respond.

The next week the grades were a C and D, the former A students lost interest and did not bother to study because now there was no incentive for them to excel and the former C students were mad at the A students for not helping the C students with their studies, so the C students just quit studying.

The result was that at the end of the month the whole class got a F. The Texas Professor said, "This is perfect example of how Socialism does not work and why Socialism fails people as a whole!"

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