Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Strange Faraday Cadge!

With all the recent talk about the chances the US will get into a nuclear war, talk sometimes turns tot he EMP effect. EMP refers to Electromagnetic Effect and can occur as a result of a high altitude air burst by a large nuclear weapon. Another more likely event would be a major solar flare (designated X1). The over all effect of either event would be to fry virtually all electronic circuits rendering cars, power transformers and radio's instantly obsolete. One way to protect your electronic goods is to
enclose them in a Faraday cadge. Actually, any metal enclosure can serve the purpose of shielding items like cell phones, transistor radios and such. This old Vietnam era Howitzer M1 shell canister makes a perfect place to stuff electronic stuff in the event of a war or solar hiccups!

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